Welcome to King's Health & Fitness!  I'm Shawn King, and my mission is to help you feel AMAZING in your body!  Through proper food, exercise and lifestyle choices ANYTHING is possible.  Whether your goal is to build sexy muscle, lose body fat, prepare for that next big event, eat healthier, or stay committed to a fit lifestyle, I can help.

As a Certified Health Coach specializing in plant-based nutrition, I can develop a healthy eating program for you.  As a Certified Personal Trainer, we can work together to develop a program tailored to your specific goals.  Or, if you just like to work out on your own and need a great program to follow you can do that too!  Click Shop Programs above to see my online programs for any fitness level!

Combining both, we can develop an exercise AND nutrition program to achieve the ultimate YOU!  Browse my site, or click the Contact button above to reach out and start a conversation!

I look forward to helping you feel AMAZING in YOUR body!

~ Shawn