Thank you Shawn for guiding me to always be strong-minded, strong-hearted and strong-souled and that you can rock your body at any age!!!!

~Laura P.


I did Shawn's 12 week program. It was absolutely amazing! I never felt stronger and full of more energy. She takes the time necessary to work with you. I have changed my eating habits and have made fitness part of my routine. Also made some lovely new friends during the program! Thanks Shawn for Believing in me!!!

~ Julie M.


Shawn is amazing. I have been working with her for almost 2 years. I was nervous joining a workout group 2 months after hip surgery. When I arrived and told her about my recent surgery all she kept telling me was that's okay, work at your own pace and I will help you. Even my doctor couldn't believe how far I have progressed. She is kind, understanding, and one hell of a trainer. She is the best around!!

~ Amy G.


You will get more out of the attention Shawn provides you either 1x1 or in a group training than you would ever get at a gym. Shawn takes the time to understand your goals, whether it be fitness or targeted strength training for endurance sports - she will make sure your getting your $ out of the investment in her and seeing results!

~ Rebecca W.


Before working with Shawn I was never interested in strength, I was more focused on weight and the number on the scale. During an intensive 12 week program with her I developed muscles I never even knew I had! All of the sudden I had these amazing arms that I didn't even know I wanted! Now I'm hooked and love being a strong role model for my daughter. Shawn is kind and approachable and I'm so happy to have found her.

~ Leah K.


Shawn at King's Health and Fitness is the best trainer I've ever worked with! I highly recommend her to anyone with a goal to achieve! Working with Shawn has made me stronger, healthier, happier, and more confident. Even in group classes she ensures that each client is targeting the correct muscles to get that burn! Shawn keeps me motivated throughout my workouts- I look forward to every session! (I am currently taking Bootybarre and Bodysculpt classes with Shawn. I highly recommend both!).

~ Emily M.


I appreciate the time Shawn took in learning not just my fitness goals but understanding what I was already doing and how to improve by creating a program that was easy to follow.  Shawn is always there to answer questions and she is able to provide everything from quick training tips all the way to taking the time to really explain and demonstrate how a workout is done.  King's Health and Fitness has helped me to start to achieve my goals of putting a lot of years into the fire service by being more aware of my training and developing good habits.  I would highly recommend talking with Shawn and seeing how she can really help, even after one meeting.

~ William F.